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An innovative and effective irrigation management

G-Fenix ​​is ​​a unique and innovative controller for irrigation management based on the weight of substrateG-Fenix in fact constantly measures the weight of the substrate and the cultivation. This means that the measured data relating to the substrate water content are instantaneous and precise, allowing it to intervene immediately on irrigation avoiding any physiological stress that would compromise the maximum yield of the cultivation.
The benefits are countless: fertilizer and water savings, no stress on cultivation, and no excessive run-off of the substrate. G-Fenix ​​can also manage fog, mist and antifreeze systems by means of temperature and humidity sensors. With the Vision services, the user has the possibility of complete remote control from the Smartphone, Tablet or PC of the entire system.

irrigation management

Thanks to the scales, a cultivation portion is taken to sample and measured continuously with precision.
The software then uses the weight measurement to manage the frequency and the quantity of water supplyed to the soil less cultivation. With G-Fenix even the right amount of drainage is easily obtainable. Irrigation and drainage quantities can be programmed up to 4 periods per day. Particular attention is given to the morning where the start of irrigation is managed in order to ensure the beginning of drainage at the desired time.

G-Fenix base controls 1 scale and is expandable up to 4 scales. A single scale can control several irrigation programs so as to exploit the strategy even on irrigation areas without their own scale.
G-Fenix can be connected to a wide range of sensors, such as the temperature / humidity sensor for fog-mist management, the irrigation flow sensor, and many others.

G-Fenix is available with 230 / 240VAC power supply (24VAC outputs) or photovoltaic panel (latch outputs for impulse solenoids.

The GSM card accessory allows you to receive/send SMS or calls in case of alarms or anomalies.
Installed in G-Fenix ​​with 230 / 240VAC power supply, this accessory combined with the power backup accessory allows you to be informed in case of power failure from the network.

Like all Spagnol controllers, G-Fenix can also be controlled by smartphone or tablet with Vision, Android or iOS app. The connection can be made via a network cable (with internet connection) or by installing the GSM card accessory. In any case, it is always possible to supervise G-Fenix using the Vision  software for PC.


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