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Our techniques for Irrigation Control

The choices for the automation of open field irrigation such as orchards, vineyards and vegetables, need to be done considering fundamental elements such as the distance of the devices to be detected or controlled, the morphology of the territory, flow rates and supply pressures, nutrient dosage, control of accessory devices such as filter and pumps, availability of electrical networks. 
For these applications, Spagnol has developed special integrated management systems for the irrigation and fertigation of extensive in-soil or soil less cultivation.

Irrigation Control - Spagnol

Best solutions for Irrigation Control

Irrigation Control:

I-Fenix irrigation controllers allow a professional management of the irrigation systems. They can be powered by the electrical grid to control the solenoid valves at 24 VAC or powered by photovoltaic panel to control the valves with solenoid lach; therefore also suitable to be installed even where the electricity network is not available. Irrigation programs can be activated in time or sum light.

Irrigation control with Spagnol Gravimatic:

G-Fenix is a specific controller for the automatic management of irrigation of aboveground cultivation. The controller continuously measures the weight of a cultivation sample and activates irrigation only when the time is right. This translates into a considerable saving of water, fertilizer, energy and even and important production increase. Influential studies and verifications by external institutions have shown that the use of Spagnol Gravimatic has produced an increase in production of over 25%. The sensors of Spagnol Gravimatic system can also be connected to the Dosa, Bravo, Evo fertigation units.
G-Fenix can be powered by electricity or by a photovoltaic panel.

Irrigation control and Nutrient Dosing:

The need to intervene with targeted fertilization cycles has made it necessary to introduce the fertigation technique even in open field cultivation. For this reason Spagnol, thanks to a long experience in the management of the fertigation of aboveground cultivation, has developed the F-Fenix controller, and complete fertigation dosage units Dosa, Bravo and Evo.  
These devices can also be used for controlling the pH of irrigation water, for dosing chemical or anticryptogamic products and for dosing products necessary for the proper maintenance of the irrigation system. The F-Fenix controller can manage the dosing system built by the installer (venturi system or dosing pumps), while fertigation unit Dosa, Bravo and Evo are already complete with the dosing system and therefore ready to be easily connected to the irrigation system.


Extended control with SPAGNOL S-BUS

Common features:

To the above described controller and dosage units, you can connect multiple sensors such as humidity sensors, temperature sensors and weather sensors, to manage the irrigation, the nebulization and the antifreeze system; also flow and pressure sensors to optimize the energy needs of the irrigation system. 
Pumping systems, filtration systems and electric generators that serve the irrigation system, can also be wisely managed by the software installed in the devices. 
There are three possible ways to control the zone solenoid valves:
  1. With the electric connection directed at the controller
  2. With SPAGNOL S-BUS and an expansion box to be installed near the elements to be controlled. 
  3. With Spagnol Radisystem a communication system via radio control.
The data BUS, besides allowing the remote control of solenoid valves, pumps, etc., also allows the interface with all the range of sensors offered by Spagnol. So the data BUS is a system that allows great flexibility in the design of the irrigation system automation. 


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