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Much more than just a controller for irrigation.

I-Fenix ​​is ​​a controller for the complete management of the irrigation system powered by an electric network or a photovoltaic panel.  It controls the irrigation valves, the main irrigation pump that supplies the system and the washing of the filters. It is modular and expandable.
Irrigation can be controlled in time, quantity or sum light by multiple and flexible programs.
Specific sensors can be connected to the I-Fenix for the control of fog, mist, and antifreeze.
Irrigation valves can be distributed in long distance open field and controlled by S-Bus Expansion box or via the Spagnol Radio System.
With the MC-Net, MC-Cloud and MC-SMS services, the user has the possibility of complete remote control from the Smartphone, Tablet or PC of the entire system.

I-Fenix can control the irrigation valves, the start of the irrigation ( by timer setting | hour setting | accumulation of radiation | external input | antifreeze | fog-mist), the the quantity of irrigation water, the filter washing, the irrigation pumps, the water in storage tanks, the electrical generator and much more. I-Fenix can be connected to a wide range of sensors, such as the radiation sensor, the temperature and humidity sensor for fog / mist management, the irrigation flow sensor, and many more.

If necessary, I-Fenix can be expanded using special Expansion Box to put in new I / O cards. The Spagnol S-BUS network allows many Expansion Box to be connected to the I-Fenix even for long distances.

I-Fenix is available with 230 / 240VAC power supply (24VAC outputs) or photovoltaic panel (latch outputs for impulse solenoids).

In case of LONG distances between I-Fenix and the irrigation valves, these can be managed via radio in a safe and reliable way thanks to Spagnol Radiosystem.

The GSM card accessory allows you to receive/send SMS or calls in case of alarms or anomalies.
On i-Fenix with 230 / 240VAC power supply, this accessory combined with the power backup accessory allows you to be informed in case of power failure from the network.

Like all Spagnol controllers, I-Fenix can also be controlled by smartphone or tablet with Spagnol MC-Cloud, the Android and iOS app. The connection can be made via a network cable (with internet connection) or by installing the GSM card accessory. In any case, it is always possible to supervise I-Fenix using the Spagnol-MCNet supervision software for PC.


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