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Control of water sources, storage, pre-treatment and post-treatment, disinfection and reuse of irrigation drainage

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"....water is life and growth...."

Water is a precious and irreplaceable resource for the life of living beings. A great quantity of this precious resource is used for the growth of crops in greenhouses; however, due to the increasing withdrawal of water from sources for agricultural and industrial usage and due to current climate changes, this resource is becoming less and less available. For this reason the use of water must be respectful and parsimonious.
The use of available water represents costs which are proportional to the water used and are the consequence of the energy required for the withdrawal from the springs, such as pre-treatments, to make it suitable for irrigation purpose, osmosis, removal of iron and manganese, chlorination and dechlorination, etc. So an efficient use of water produces environmental benefits and immediate savings.


Best solution for water management

To optimize the use of water, Spagnol has developed a useful range of products such as reverse osmosis desalination systems, systems for the dosage of oxidants or other chemical products, systems for the removal of bicarbonates and systems for disinfection and reuse of drainage of above-ground crops. All these devices can be easily integrated into SPAGNOL Vision system that manages the automation of the company and can be remotely supervised by the operators in charge of water management.


Water Cycle Management


  • Ca-Remover Tank. Acid solution dosing system for neutralizing bicarbonates in irrigation water storage tanks.
  • Ca-Remover Line. Acid solution dosing system in pressurized pipelines in order to neutralize the bicarbonates contained in the irrigation water.
  • Servomix. Pumping unit for feeding Spagnol fertigation dosing units. The unit can be equipped with multiple sensors such as EC sensors, pressure sensors, level sensors, temperature sensors, etc.
  • Drenamix. Pumping and mixing unit of fresh water with drainage water. The units are built to be perfectly matched to Spagnol Bravomix and Evomix computerized mixers. The unit can be equipped with multiple sensors such as EC sensors, pressure sensors, level sensors, temperature sensors, etc. 
  • Dosa | Bravo | Evo. Water units for dosing nutrients in irrigation water. They are managed by the Central Process computer that runs the greenhouse for the complete management of the irrigation process.
  • Gravimatic. Weight system for a fully automated management of irrigation operations for soil less cultivations. The benefits are countless: water and fertilizer savings, no stresses on the crops, no excess drainage, significant increase in crop productivity. 
  • Drenamatic. A complete system for measuring the quantity and percentage of drainage togther with the measurement of EC  and pH.
  • Ultra LP. A unit with UVC lamps for the disinfection of irrigation and drainage water. The unit can be set up for different water capacities and for different disinfection levels. The UVC lamps have high efficiency and long life and are self cleaning automatically and no need of operators. A sensor constantly monitors the UVC radiation dosage ensuring therefore the desired disinfection level. 



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