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The distribution of nutrients through irrigation water is a consolidated technique. Our computerised dosing units, deriving from decades of experience, are extremely versatile and suitable to be installed in multiple production environments, from traditional cultivations in soil or above-ground with drip irrigation, to cultivation in pottery with ebb and flow sub-irrigation, from the cultivation of young plants in nurseries to futuristic aeroponic crops or floating systems. For each application an appropriate unit. 

Fertirrigation - Spagnol

The best solutions for modern fertirrigation.

Spagnol fertigation dosing systems

Mixing tank | Direct injection



Spagnol produces dosing units for fertilizer and acid solutions in mixing tanks or in irrigation pipes. Each customer can choose the best suitable unit according to the type of cultivation to be irrigated, water flow rates, energy availability, and last but not least, the quality of the dosage. 

The customer can choose among 3 different types of dosage channels for the parent solutions:

  • Standard dosage channel: dosage of the total EC or estimated proportional mother solutions.
  • Dosage channel with electronic flowmeter: dosage of the total EC or real proportional (dosage ml/l).
  • Dosage channel with variable area flowmeter: dosage of the EC mother solution or estimated proportional.
fertigation system

Not only fertigation

Growing sensors | Climate management

An element that characterizes our computerized fertigation units is the possibility to connect to growing sensors for the management of irrigation interventions and the possibility of managing the climate where the greenhouse and cultivation is located. Our philosophy is "all in one" in order to centralize and simplify the installation and supervision of the whole production system. 

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