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Vertical farming, open doors to the future

In a world where serious elements such as: high urbanization, population growth, climate change, desertification, greenhouse effect, environmental impact and water necessities, the need to produce plant varieties in any time of the year for nutrition purposes, has undeniably come to light.  This implicates the use of innovative vertical cultivation technologies, in completely closed environments with no heat exchange with the outside. 
These crops depend exclusively on technological systems for lighting, air conditioning and nutrition. So the management of these systems must be reliable and precise.  
For this purpose Spagnol has developed VF-Fenix, a controller specifically designed for the complete management of the Vertical Farms.

The main monitoring areas of VF-Fenix:         

  • Microclimate management.
  • Energy sources management.
  • Artificial lighting management.
  • Carbon fertilization management.
  • Irrigation and radical nutrition management.

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