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Immediate access to all information everywhere

Having reliable information in real time is a crucial condition for making the appropriate decisions for any productive business. Today, innovative information technology makes it possible to overcome any distance and analysis limit so that the operator can have information anywhere and easily accessible for his decision-making activity.  
For this purpose Spagnol offers different solutions for "On-Premises" supervision with MC-Net and Cloud supervision with MC-Cloud.  

We Connect. You Control.

Let's clarify the On-Premises and Cloud systems.

On-Premises (Spagnol MC-Net) means that the supervision software is installed on the company computer or server which is connected and communicates with the various devices for the automation of the greenhouse.  
Cloud (Spagnol MC-Cloud) means that Spagnol gives the customer an on-line supervision service that can be used after downloading the APP in your Android or iOS device and signing up to the subscription that best suits your needs. 

Selection criteria between MC-Net and Mc-Cloud.

Mc-Net: available only in devices where user licenses have been installed, generally located within the company. 
Mc-Cloud: available in every Android or iOS device and wherever there is an internet connection.
Mc-Net: high initial cost for the purchase of the software user license and a computer with related maintenance costs and inevitable software and hardware updates over time.
Mc-Cloud: a more affordable cost since you can pay an annual subscription that can vary depending on the type of service chosen, updates and maintenance are at the supplier's expense. 
Data security and service
Mc-Net: it's the customer's responsibility to manage the antivirus sofware and take the necessary countermeasures for cyber threats coming from the Internet, furthermore the data back-up is completely at the customer's expense. For every malfunction or failure of the computer, server or company network, the customer must repair and reinstall all the necessary software. 
Mc-Cloud: data and back-up security is ensured  by the Cloud service, managed by highly specialized engineers, and which cost is included with the supply of MC-Cloud service. In case of loss, theft or failure of the mobile device you just need to buy a new one, download the APP and re-enter your personal information and the system will function immediately.  
Customization and functionality
Mc-Net: Customizations are possible especially in the layout of data, reports and graphs and in the display of customized synoptics. With Mc-Net you have a complete view of the process data. 
Mc-Cloud: Customizations are not possible. With Mc-Cloud you have a partial view of the process data and the best compromise between functionality and easy use. 
Data Sharing
Mc-Net: Data sharing is limited to the operators included in the corporate network. 
Mc-Cloud: the service can be shared with multiple users according to the type of subscription made. 
Mc-Net: All Mc-Net software up-dating and maintenance activity are at the customer's expense, including the purchase of new versions and their set up. 
Mc-Cloud: By the very nature of the cloud platform, the user will automatically receive all updates related to the Mc-Cloud service. 

Considerations and conclusions

Compared to the fixed supervision station MC-Net, the Mc-Cloud platform is cheaper and easier to use, on the other hand it does not have complete data that Mc-Net offers. Furthermore, one important consideration is that MC-Cloud only works when connected to the Internet. 
Finally, for the supervision of medium to low level automation systems, Mc-Cloud is definitely a useful service if not crucial, while for highly automated greenhouses we advise to install the Mc-Net fixed supervision integrated with the Mc-Cloud mobile.


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