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Apoyo técnico RMA

Help Desk

El contacto directo con un experto, 24 horas al dia, 7 dias a la semana a  disposición de los clientes.

En el caso de que sea necesaria la asistencia técnica a nuestros productos, el cliente puede dialogar tempestivamente con nuestro técnico experto que analiza lo solicitado y proporciona  un immediato apoyo decisivo o indicaciones articuladas al fin de evitar que el equipo se detenga.
A través de un proceso computerizado de registración, análisis y elaboración del los pedidos del cliente, la confiabilidad de cada componente son continuamente monitoreados,rindiéndolos siempre idóneos Esto  nos permite de mejorar continuamente y ser fiables incluso en situaciones críticas.



Cada dispositivo producido por nosotros ,antes de ser vendido al cliente, es sometido a una severa cadena de veríficas y pruebas actas a garantizar el suministro de dispositivos perfectamente en línea con las perfomances declaradas y en grado de satisfacer completamente el pedido del cliente.


La formación técnica para el uso de nuestros dispositivos es un elemento importante que permite obtener el máximo beneficio económico con el empleo de nuestras tecnologias.Por esto  la Spagnol periodicamente organiza cursos de formación para revendedores  y utilizadores  finales actas a mejorar competencias y profesionalidad  en las tares realizadas.

Tele asistencia

Gracias a las modernas tecnologias puestas a disposición de la red internet, podemos ofrecer un precioso suporte a nuestros clientes.Podemos conectarnos directamente con nuestros productos en todas las partes del mundo y aconsejar al cliente los mejores set-up para cada dispositivo y ayudarlo  en la búsqueda de las soluciones más exigentes.

1.1 The Delivery Terms shown on the offer are always to be intended as indicative and not essential. They start from the day the order is fully completed under all aspects,  including the formal aspects such as the receipt of the due advanced payments.
1.2 In the event of inefficiencies,  difficulties in the supply of raw materials, breakdowns in production facilities, severe weather conditions and in any other case of force majeure, these terms are extended in proportion to the continuation of such events.
1.3 Delay in deliveries does not entitle the customer to cancel the order nor to claim damages and/or compensation of any kind.
1.4 Any changes requested during production, in any case raise the Supplier from compliance with the agreed terms.
1.5 The suspension of the delivery terms, if due to facts attributable to the Customer, does not prevent the Supplier from issuing the invoice according to the planned delivery schedule.
1.6 If goods are not collected by the Customer or failure to deliver for reasons attributable to the Customer, the Supplier will charge any and all additional costs incurred. Any risk relating to the goods in stock must in any case be understood as being charged to the customer once the 10 (ten) days have elapsed from the notice of the ready goods. 
2.1 The Customer undertakes to provide in the place of destination, the means and equipment necessary to perform the unloading operation.
3.1 The customer undertakes to inform promptly the Supplier of the existence of any restrictions or administrative obligation to obtain authorizations related to the supply.
3.2 The Customer agrees to request to the Supplier with reasonable notice any documents necessary for the fulfilment of obligations relating to safety in the workplace.

4.1 The products, whether or not covered by industrial property rights owned by the Supplier, are in any case characterized by the technology developed independently  by the Supplier know-how. The Customer is therefore required to guarantee the confidentiality of technical information that concern the products subject to supply, committing to use it only for limited purposes relating to its activities as a reseller of these products, and in any case limited to information that came to be stated by the Supplier as disclosable for such purposes
4.2 Any design or technical document delivered to the Customer before or after the conclusion of the contract remains the exclusive property of the Supplier and cannot be used by the Buyer, or copied, reproduced, transmitted or notified to third parties without the written consent of the Supplier itself.
4.3 In the event that the executive project of the system was set up after the conclusion of the contract, the Supplier reserves the right to make changes and improvements to the system, without altering its essential characteristics, that may prove to be necessary or appropriate.
4.4 Any change in the system required by the Customer during the execution of the contract which involves additional design work by the Supplier, will lead to the reassessment of the delivery terms as well as a possible price variation.
5.1 In case of delay in the payment, interests corresponding to BCE basic tax increased of 7 points (as written in art. 5 , first comma, D.LGS. 231/2002) shall take effect from the day of their maturity, as of right and without any formal statement.
5.2 Any dispute regarding the supply does not authorize the customer to delay the payment beyond the agreed terms, which are considered mandatory and essential.
5.3 The Customer is not authorized to make any deduction from the agreed price (e.g. In case of claimed product defects) unless previously agreed in writing with the Supplier.
5.4 Delay in payments will also entitle the Supplier to suspend further supplies (or any other services also referring to other contractual arrangements) and/or suspend its execution until obtaining adequate payment guarantees.
5.5 All expenses incurred by the Supplier in order to fulfill his commitments, are also charged to the Customer.
6.1 The delivered goods remain the property of the Supplier until the full payment of all the credits arising from business relations with the Customer 
6.2 Assuming Customer behaviour the contrary to what agreed in the contract, in particular in case of delay in payment, the Supplier has the right, after prompt reminder, to regain the goods while the Customer is obliged to return the goods themselves.
7.1 The goods must be checked upon arrival for its compliance with the order. Possible discrepancies regarding the quantity, type or types of products supplied, must always be reported in writing, including by fax, within a maximum period of 8 (eight) days from receipt, quoting all the details for an immediate verification. After this deadline, the products will be considered in all respects accepted.
8.1 Returns of goods are not accepted unless expressly authorized in writing by the Supplier. The return request must be made following the RMA procedure available on our website Returns must be intact (not disassembled), well packaged (possibly in the original packaging) and accompanied by the relative return transport document, assuming the customer all costs and risks.  
9.1 The supplied material is under warranty for 12 months from the date of delivery. Warranty covers only defects resulting from design errors, material or manufacturing defects attributable to the Supplier. PH sensors are guaranteed for 3 months.
9.2 Warranty is limited to spare parts. The supplier decides at its discretion whether to repair or replace parts that are defective.
9.3 Damages caused by lack of care of the supplied materials awaiting installation, normal wear and tear of the components, poor maintenance (e.g. Non-regular and adequate maintenance as indicated by the Supplier) and/or maintenance performed by unauthorized personnel, from tempering or modifications not expressly anthorized by the Supplier, due to inexperience, negligence and/or improper or abnormal use of the supplied goods, or by force majeure, are not included in the warranty.
9.4 Defects must be reported in writing to the supplier within 8 (eight) days from their discovery. Any claim must precisely specify the fault found. In any case, the Supplier decides whether to accept the claim. In order to allow verification of the existence of defects, the Customer must return to the Supplier the products or the parts deemed defective, freight prepaid, accompanied by transport document.
9.5 Moreover, warranty will not be operating if the Customer is in defect with respect to the payment of the supply or to the payment of other related services performed by the Supplier or third parties authorized by this.
9.6 The Supplier declines all liability for any damage that may directly or indirectly occur to persons or propertier because of lack of care in following the instructions written in the user manual, in particular those warnings concerning use and maintenance.
9.7 This warranty replaces and absorbs the legal warranties for flaws and defects, and excludes any other liability for the Supplier, even if originated from the supplied goods. In particular, the operation of this warranty does not give the Customer the right to claim any compensation for damages, direct or indirect, of any nature arising from the failure or limited use of the system and/or the machines of which it is composed.
10.1 This contract is subject to Italian law. Any dispute arising from or in connection with this contract shall have exclusive jurisdiction of the Treviso Court.

Solicitud RMA

Para devolver un producto a la empresa Spagnol es necesario obtener un código de entrega (Return Merchandise Authorization) llenando el formulario abajo indicado.. Este es el procedimiento a seguir en el caso de:
•    Restitución del producto para la reparación.
•    Restitución del producto para la sostitución en garancia.
Asegurate  de incluir el código de garancia RMA en el doscumento que acompaña tu expedición  y despide el material a nuestras oficinas a la  siguiente dirección:
Spagnol s.r.l.
Via Paludotti 5/7
31020 Vidor (TV) ITALY
Es necesario un código RMA para cada uno de los productos que se entienden devolver.
Por favor llene el formulario indicado abajo , el código  RMA te será enviado a la dirección que has indicado.
Por ningún motivo será aceptado el  material devuelto donde  no venga  indicado el código RMA.

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