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Our collaboration with the researchers of Edmund Mach Foundation

22 May 2019

The educational and academic world in agriculture is the promoter of specific technologies for plant experimentation; and in this context, Spagnol finds the opportunity to approach in a different way then in the productive world, being able to design and develop products tailored to the type of activity required by the research.

Recent example has been the automation of the new experimental greenhouse for the Edmund Mach Foundation, which carries out scientific research, experimentation, education, training and consultancy services for companies in the agricultural and agri-food sector.
The Institute’s technicians’ requests were clear:
• To manage a Ebb & Flood sub-irrigation system on mobile tables.
• To manage a multi-zone drip irrigation system with very low irrigation flow rate for fertigation of plants cultivated in soil less on suspended channels, with drainage recycling and disinfection.
And Spagnol proposed:
• An EVOMIX fertigation dosing unit specifically designed for the very low irrigation flow rates required for a direct and indirect irrigation system with storage tanks for nutritive solution produced by Evomix.
• An ULTRA LF drainage disinfection unit, suitable for very low flow rates and which does not require chemical cleaning of UVC lamps.
We’re proud that our project has found full acceptance and satisfaction, both for the professionalism and competence in the design and realization of our products and for the performing devices supplied that have responded to the expectations of the researchers of the Edmund Mach Foundation in achieving their objectives.


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