The Santacroce firm relies on Spagnol

EvoJet Magnum

28 June 2019

The new Santacroce company, that produces the refined Tropea red onion I.G.P. and is located in the plain adjacent to the city of Lamezia Terme, extends for 100 hectares with the irrigation system's capacity of 360 m3/h.

The aspects related to irrigation and nutriment of crops are taken care of by Natale Santacroce, Domenico's son, who is in perfect harmony with Spagnol's proposal. He decided to install one EvoJet Magnum fertigation unit able to fully satisfy the water / nutritional requirements of the refined onion.

The Evojet Magnum unit supplied is essentially characterized by the high dosing capacity of the fertilized solutions, capacity which can reach up to 100 l/minute for every one of the 10 dosing channels the unit is equipped with.
Furthermore, given the considerable distance of the solenoid valves to be controlled, the distributed S-Bus control network was installed.
The entire system is managed from a smartphone or tablet by Vision, Spagnol's latest Android or iOS app.

Fertigation unit Spagnol EvoJet Magnum: no request was disregarded.....

As those who perfectly know how to plan their work and their investments, Mr Natale Santacroce submitted to us precise requests since the very first meeting: large irrigation flow rates, dosage in proportional and at total conductivity, continuous pH regulation by measuring, field bus for the command of solenoid valves and for the control of crop and environmental sensors, WEB supervision of the whole irrigation system ruled from the 4 EvoJet Custom.
We started to work at once and having regard to the customer satisfaction, Spagnol has proven to be a reliable partner able to meet the needs of a company so careful and scrupulous in its choices.


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