Injection fertigation dosing unit max. 4 fertilizers dosing channel + 1 acid dosing channel.

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Bravojet-L and Bravojet-H, are fertigation units with injection dosing system.
The dosing units can be configured for the installation in parallel with the main power pump, or directly connected to the pipe of the system.
H version is different from L because it has been designed to manage the fertigation in big cultivation areas and thanks to its one of a kind high dosing capacity it fears no rivals.
Bravojet can be equipped with 4 fertilizers dosing channels and 1 acid or alkali solution dosing channel, both of them can be configured with variable area flowmeters or with high-precision electronic flowmeters.
Spagnol fertigation units are extremely versatile and can be easily configured according to the desired irrigation system: open or closed loop.
Nutritive solutions can be directly diverted to cultivation (direct irrigation) or they can be stored into tanks to use them later on for the irrigation (indirect irrigation).
The SWC (soil water content) sensors for the humidity control of substrate and soil, the Drenamatic for the drainage control and Gravimatic for the irrigation management by weight, as well as many other climatic sensors, can be easily connected to the Bravojet in order to create an integrated system for the cultivation’s management.
In addition to the fertigation control, BravoJet can manage the climate in the greenhouse in up to 4 climatic zones for 4 periods a day. In terms of nutrition and microclimate, it collects and processes a large amount of data and information, that can be subsequently processed to improve the production.
With Vision On-Premises and Vision Cloud services, the user has always the complete remote control of the entire system by his smartphone, tablet or PC.

Main tecnical data

Acid dosing channel Up to 1. Dosing capacity 600 l/h.
Fertilizer dosing channels Up to 4. Dosing capacity of Bravojet L: 600 l/h for each dosing channels. Dosing capacity of Bravojet H: 1500 l/h for each dosing channels.
Fertilizer and acid dosing channel types With variable area flowmeter / With electronic flowmeter / With variable area and electronic flowmeter.
Dosing modes Total EC / Proportional / Combined EC-proportional / Quantity / Irrigation stop at quantity.
EC sensors 1 or 2 EC sensors with themperature measurement and compensation.
pH sensors 1 or 2 pH sensors (electrode).
Irrigation zone valves 8 expandable up to 250.
Water pressure regulation Yes.
Irrigation systems supported Direct irrigation / Indirect irrigation / Ebb&Flood / Closed cicle irrigation.
Maximum irrigation water tanks 20
Maximum irrigation lines 20
Irrigation programs Manual command / Clock / Timer / Light radiation sum / Drainage influence / Substrate weight / Substrate water content / Environment temperature/humidity / Pressure / External input.
Greenhouse climate control 4 zones 4 periods/day (optional)
Connectable sensors Drainage quantity / Drainage EC / Drainage pH / Substrate weight / EC premix / pH premix / Radiation / Temperature-humidity meteo and zones / Tanks level sensors / Irrigation flowmeters / Wind speed / Wind direction / Rain presence / Rain quantity
Remote control and alarms With PC, smartphone, tablet by Spagnol Vision app.


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