Interview with Shlomy Raziel of R.P.Growing

Since 2019 Spagnol has been collaborating  with R. P. Growing Technologies Group from Israel in the realization of a fertigation system for an indoor cultivation of cannabis for medical use in Sacramento (Usa).
We have interviewed Shlomy Raziel, CEO of R. P. Growing, who explained us the most relevant aspects considerated during the design phase and the motivations that have pushed the client to choose the Spagnol products.


“The first aspect to constantly keep under control is the climate inside the room. High quality sensors are required to measure the temperature, the humidity, the CE and the light density”. In fact, in the cannabis cultivation we risk to lose the entire production even if just one of these parameters are not respected. “In addition, the presence of systems able to communicate instantly if there are anomalies allow to intervene timely to limit any potential damage”.

“Another key aspect is the irrigation control. The cannabis life cycle is quite brief and so the role of the fertigation becomes relevant”. Compared to other types of crops in greenhouses, the cannabis evolves faster and it needs more attention and you have to be sensitive for what concerns the administration of water and nutritious solution.

Spagnol has equipped the US company of a BravoMix dosing unit able to guarantee the perfect mixing of the mother solution with irrigated water needed by the plant in that precise moment. The dosing unit is associated to the latest generation computerized system Process and connected to sensors for the irrigation control Gravimatic, located in the different cultivation zones of the installation.

Spagnol has adopted an active approach to the customer based on discussion and collaboration in order to find the best solution to their needs. To satisfy them Spagnol has proposed a smart and high quality solution able to guarantee the management of all the relevant procedures with the utmost care, accuracy and professionalism from just one work station.


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